Our students review fundamental basics, healthy habits are formed, and vocal mapping is explored. Instructors ensure proper form, technique, theory, biological vocal mechanics, and dynamics by studying these subjects in-depth. 

A variety of styles may be covered depending on each student's interests/instructor recommendation. For vocals, we cover Rock, Pop, R&B, Post-Hardcore, Metal, and Acoustic vocal studies. Music Theory and Composition are integrated into all lessons according to the student's stylistic area of focus.

For those wanting to start their own band or need assistance taking their group to the next level, our instructors have extensive experience in the commercial music industry and touring in various genres, in addition to having obtained higher level degrees. We hold workshops to assist in making your band run smoothly and crank out the sound you desire. Subjects covered include Artistic Development, Financial Documentation, Merchandise, Ticket Records, and Rehearsal Optimization. 

The art of performing on stage can seem overwhelming to many, so we help our students learn the tricks of the trade. We cover Live Audio, Improvisation, Props, Lighting Equipment training, and Creative Performance education.

Students learn how to release music professionally, Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Music Video Videography, Portfolio Photography, Social Media Enhancement, Website Building, Album Art Theory, Publicity, and how to market effectively. 

For those interested, workshops cover Songwriting, Production, Technology, and an Introduction to Audio Engineering.


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