New Students


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1) What about make-up lessons? If I have to cancel my lesson, do I lose that lesson or get charged for it?


Answer: No — not if you cancel at least 24-hrs in advance. Every student has different attendance rates, and every month may fluctuate. Therefore, students always pay the same amount each month as an installment towards tuition for a total number of lessons given. No need to worry about ‘losing’ a lesson or trying to keep track of make-up credits, etc. As long as you give sufficient notice when cancelling, you get the exact number of lessons you’re paying for (36, on the 10-month plan, or 45, on the 12-month plan).


2) What if I don’t show up for my lesson or forget to give notice of a cancellation?

Answer: Out of respect for the instructor’s time and schedule, we ask that you always give at least 24-hrs notice when you have to cancel your scheduled lesson. Otherwise, we have no choice but to count the lesson as fulfilled. Teaching is our livelihood, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation when it comes to the importance of giving notice as a courtesy.


3) What is the lesson price per lesson? Is the monthly installment based on 4 lessons per month?

Answer: It depends on the payment method and number of lessons purchased. Please see the chart included in our Registration Form. The monthly installment does not cover 4 lessons per month because every month fluctuates and student attendance rates fluctuate. You can calculate your lesson price based on the payment plan you choose divided by the number of lessons it covers. For example, if you are doing the 12-month/45 Lesson Plan for 60-min lessons and paying through ACH, your monthly installment is $317 x 12 installments = $3,804/45 lessons = your price per lesson: $84.53.


4) What if I have to discontinue lessons? How will I ensure my lessons are fulfilled if my attendance fluctuated prior to giving notice to terminate lessons?

Answer: No problem — we understand if you have to discontinue lessons due to life changes. We ask for 1-Month’s Notice to terminate lessons, so we have enough time to adjust our schedules. Lesson termination is handled on a case-by-case basis. We look at how many installments have been paid and adjust the number of lessons that should be fulfilled based on that. Then we look at your attendance record, and if your lessons have already been fulfilled, we’re all set. If your lessons have not yet been fulfilled, then we set appointments to complete those remaining lessons. All of our students are given personalized login info upon enrollment so they have the ability to track their attendance through our studio software.


5) I just paid my final tuition installment for the year on June 1st, but I received a notice that I have to pay for additional lessons if I want to continue this month. I thought my June 1st payment covered lessons in June?


Answer: Students must complete their set number of monthly installments regardless of whether they complete their set number of lessons prior to June 1st or not, unless they give notice to terminate lessons/payments. The lessons you receive are not based on the number of weeks in the month in which you paid the installment. We keep it fair by having a set number of tuition installments matched with a set number of lessons we fulfill. For example: If a student completes 36 lessons by May 28th, they still pay the monthly installment in June because their monthly installments are part of a total tuition for a set amount of lessons.