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Founded in 2009, Sterling Conservatory of Music is a school dedicated to the creative enrichment of the community. SCM is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business and Family-Operated. Our unique SCM course pathways were designed by our talented and experienced faculty to give students a structure for their progress and a learning environment that nurtures creativity, intellect, and artistry. Our students range in age from 4 to 80 years old, from beginners to highly advanced levels. For Adult Students in particular, we are one of Metro-DC's/Northern Virginia's top music centers offering unique Adult opportunities.


We instill a strong and detailed musical foundation that enables students to become independent learners, with the long-term goal in mind of training students to be diligent in how they learn. Through sharp observation, clear communication and excellence in our fields, we train our students to become self-aware and skilled musicians. Our Conservatory offers the following instruments:

  • Harp

  • Guitar

    • Modern​

    • Classical

  • Strings

    • Violin​

    • Viola

    • Cello

  • Vocal Pedagogy

    • Vocal Coaching

    • Music Theater​

    • Commercial/Radio 

  • Piano Pedagogy

    • Piano

    • Harpsichord​

  • Music Production​

    • Engineering

      • Editing

      • Mixing​

      • Mastering

    • Multimedia

      • Vlogs​

      • Cameras Operations

      • Photoshop

      • Video Editing

    • Live Audio

    • Music Business

      • Social Media​

      • SEO

      • Web Design

      • Branding

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