We offer custom-tailored online and in-person lessons for:

  • Piano/Harpsichord

  • Strings

    • Violin

    • Cello

    • Viola​

  • Guitar

    • Classical Guitar

    • Modern Guitar

  • Vocals

    • Traditional Vocal Training​

    • Musical/Theatre Vocal Coaching

    • Commercial Vocal Consulting/Music Business (for bands/commercial artists)

  • Harp

Our unique SCM course pathways were designed by our talented and experienced faculty to give students a structure for their progress and a learning environment that nurtures creativity, intellect, and artistry. Our students range in age from 5 to 80 years old, from beginners to highly advanced levels. For Adult Students in particular, we are one of metro-DC/Northern Virginia's top music centers.  We instill a strong and detailed musical foundation that enables students to become independent learners with the long-term goal in mind of training students to be diligent in how they learn. Through sharp observation, clear communication and excellence in our fields, we train our students to become self-aware and skilled musicians.

We host multiple events throughout the year in which students can learn from each other and experience a deeper quality of learning than your standard lesson program may offer. When you join SCM, you become part of a creative, artistic community, and that is life-changing.


Highest Quality Equipment

You'll get to play on some of the finest instruments in the DC area, including a Model D Concert Grand Steinway and also use the latest technology in advanced music software. Our students get to utilize top of the line equipment from various brands such as:

  • Steinway & Sons

  • Blüthner Pianos

  • Estonia Pianos

  • Royer Labs

  • Shure

  • Hughes & Kettner

  • Ibanez Guitars

  • Schecter Guitars

Student Referral Program

For every new registered referral, you will receive 1 month of Tuition for FREE!


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These examinations are designed to provide an opportunity to students to demonstrate their acquired knowledge, creativity, music literacy, ear skills, sight reading, and artistry in the subjects of music theory, performance, and history. Many musical exams encourage rote memorization and “teaching for the test”. At SCM we nurture creativity through a steadfast foundation of rigorous technical and theoretical constructs. The SCM "Pianist Accreditation Exam" takes knowledge further by testing a student’s ability to apply learned concepts in a creative and practical manner.

There are no additional fees for taking an exam. The duration of testing will be billed at your standard hourly rate, depending on which course you are currently enrolled. SCM provides a renowned standard of music achievement, therefore all levels of examinations will require a minimum of 80% of total marks, to successfully pass.

There are 3 levels of exams, based on difficulty. At each level, a Diploma can be earned by successfully completing a series of performance evaluations and written tests:

Level 1: Recommended for Lessons-Only/Adult Course students

Level 2: Recommended for Intermediate-level students

Level 3: Recommended for Enrichment Course students

Performance Experienced faculty

Our staff has extensive experience with live performances in both the classical world and the commercial world, in addition to having obtained higher level degrees. 

Our staff ensures proper form, technique, fundamental basics, healthy habits, theory, mechanics, and dynamic exploration by studying these subjects in-depth. 


A variety of styles may be covered depending on each student's interests/instructor recommendation. We focus on excelling dedicated students who love learning and have a passion for creativity. Technique is addressed to facilitate each student's abilities and is crafted carefully depending on long-term goals. Music Theory and Composition are integrated into all lessons according to the student's stylistic area of focus. 



We hold recitals for our students in the winter and spring. All courses include 2 recitals.

Recitals are open to the public and well-attended with a wide variety of performance levels and repertoire.


Professionally filmed/edited videos of each participant will be available for purchase, upon request.


Course Events

Workshops, Lecture Recitals, Performance Classes, and Masterclasses make up our Course Events. These come as part of the Adult and Enrichment Courses.


*Any Lessons-Only Course students that would like to attend a specific Course Event, please let us know and you may attend for a one-time flat-rate fee or earn 1 Free event for every registered student referral.

*Adult Course, Enrichment Course, and Director Apprenticeship students are NOT required to attend Course Events and may request to have select Course Events integrated into their weekly curriculum.

*The Director Apprenticeship is only offered for Piano Students.

  • Lessons-Only Course: Students may attend an event for a flat-rate fee or earn 1 Free event for every registered student referral in either Piano or Vocal studies. 

  • Adult Course: Students may attend 2 Adult-only Soirées.

  • Enrichment Course: Students get 4 Course Event Credits to choose from:

    • Masterclasses

    • Workshops

    • Creative Workshops

    • Lecture-Recitals

    • Performance Classes (Ages 17 & under) / Soirées (Ages 18 & over)

    • Internal Competitions

  • Director Apprenticeship: Students may attend an unlimited number of events + Custom-tailored internship for qualifying applicants.