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Prof. Hansel C. Buckingham

Hansel Buckingham is an internationally touring American singer, voice actor, author, a voting member of the Recording Academy for the Grammys, and recorded multiple singles in Hollywood, California. He served six years in the United States Air Force as an Atmospheric & Space Scientist. Afterwards, he continued in Aviation as a Meteorologist and Flight Dispatcher for Collins Aerospace and Raytheon Technologies for five years. Then, he studied Digital Media at the University of Houston, with a focus on Music Business, later obtaining the entrepreneurial Small Business Administration's "Boots to Business" certification. 

Hansel competitively played alto saxophone and later performed in venues internationally located in Tasmania, Japan, Cambodia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and all across the United States. He has collaborated with nationally touring musicians in bands such as I Am Abomination with Good Fight Music, Jamie's Elsewhere with Victory Records, The Color Morale with Fearless Records, Sycamour with Hopeless Records, Of Mice & Men with Rise Records, Dayshell of Sumarian Records, Darkness Divided with Victory Records, and Dayseeker with Invogue Records/Spinefarm Records. His music has been played on over 177 global television networks cumulative including VH1 India, Bowling Music Network, In-Store Sports Network, ScreenPlay, Xcorps Action Sport TV and includes commercial exposure at locations such as Footlocker, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hardrock Cafe, and more.  He has been printed in newspapers, appeared on national radio stations under the umbrella of Pacifica Foundation, and toured with acts from bands such as Alien Ant Farm, Flyleaf, Bobaflex, Seasons After, Parabelle, Trapt, and others. 

His latest music will be available in late-2023 under the artist name of "Hans and Gret". 

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