• Piano lessons are offered at studio locations and video lessons. 

  • Tuition covers Masterclasses, Performance classes, Lecture Recitals, and Workshops. 

  • Play on our Model D Concert Grand Steinway & Sons piano. 

  • We also host fully-catered group performance soirées for adults, galas for the kids, and special events. Attendance, food, and drinks are all covered by your course tuition. 

  • Enjoy piano-visualization, production lighting, and state of the art LED technology during your performance.

  • Accreditation Exams are also given based on difficulty level and students are presented with an official Diploma. 

  • Vocal lessons are offered for a variety of genres from film soundtracks to metal. Music Theory and Composition are integrated into all lessons, according to the student's stylistic area of focus.

  • Our students review fundamental basics, healthy habits are formed, and vocal mapping is explored. Form & technique, theory, biological vocal mechanics, and dynamics are studied in-depth. 

  • For those wanting to start their own band or need assistance taking their group to the next level, our instructors have extensive experience in the commercial music industry and touring in various genres. 

  • Our instructors hold workshops that teach band creation, stage performance, marketing, audio engineering, songwriting, photography, music videos, branding, and more!

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Tel: 571-659-1954 | music@scmusicarts.com