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Our school focuses on excelling dedicated students who are determined and have a passion for creativity. While we believe in a strong foundation of the fundamentals, we strive to use our concentrated knowledge to encourage artistry in all students. You'll get to play on some of the finest instruments in the DC area, including a Model D Concert Grand Steinway. We aim to nurture your ability to listen and understand the difference between just playing notes vs. making genuine music. We develop artistry. 

We focus on private lessons, which consist of individually tailored instruction and planning. Our instructors are highly specialized in Classical Piano and hold advanced performance degrees from top international conservatories. We also host fully-catered group performance soirées, galas, and special events. Our students range from ages 5 to 80 years old, from beginners to advanced levels. Whether you or your children are looking for beginner lessons or are just wanting to improve technique, our faculty has diverse and experienced backgrounds that will help you achieve your goals. We have a thriving community of adult students at all levels in the Northern Virginia/DC area to learn piano.

A variety of styles may be covered depending on each student's interests/instructor recommendation: Classical Piano, Composition, Contemporary Music, Improvisation, Jazz Fundamentals, Songwriting, and Music Technology. Music Theory is integrated into the lessons according to the student's stylistic area of focus.

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